Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Importance of security assessments.

There are several personal data of the customers and the enterprise such as the credit card numbers, private social data, commercial data and other social security numbers and so on. This crucial information can be tracked by the hackers. Thus it should be protected from being exposed to the malicious hacker as it could cause financial loss or loss of reputation or it can cause disturbance to the functioning of the business. In every kind of industry, let it be finance industry, health care industry or any other public sector industry, the safety of the products and business information is crucial. According to the ISO 27001, CCHIT, PCI DSS, HIPAA and many other regulatory entities it is mandatory for the industries to comply with the basic standards

How security assessment is useful for your organisation.

RYNA is imperative as it provides a vulnerability assessment service. It helps in evaluating the vulnerability in the system without damaging any structure. It is the best tool for day to day use as you can regularly check the vulnerabilities and keep yourself updated.

For the products that are in the late development stage, before they reach production, an assessment at this application level can be most appropriate. This would be helpful in attaining a product that is secure. There are released applications, for which two testing should be executed. One is the vulnerability test and the second one is the penetration testing. This can help attaining maximum security at all times.

RYNA executes vulnerability testing which are “best-in-class” methods defined by ISECOM’s. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) provides the guidelines of the best testing procedures.

Our team of experts have compiled a combination of tools which comprises of automated as well as manual tools to test the vulnerability so that the security of the sensitive matters remains intact. This leads to protection of all the policies and processes of the business. This is the reason that RYNA is able to provide comprehensive report to its clients and provide the details about the risk and the weaknesses related to the securities. We help our clients to identify the configuration errors also so that they can take proper actions and improvise their security systems by eliminating the issues.

RYNA core strenghts in VAPT

  • Timely identification of the issues so that exploitation can be curbed.
  • Increase the total productivity as the downtime can be avoided due to the application used.
  • Guard the reliability and discretionary aspects of sensitive data of the enterprise.
  • Guarantee security at time for product release.
  • These are the precautionary measures which can save thousands of dollars and protect you from incurring losses. This also helps in gaining confidence of the customer and helps to build reputation of the business.
  • Security Assessment Workflow

The workflow for vulnerability assessment comprises of following stages

  • The workflow is more like the penetration testing. The crucial difference is found in the process of finding the vulnerabilities. The penetration testing is more of the real world attack situation and the vulnerability assessment is done without damaging the system. The RYNA team uses appropriate tools and discovers existing vulnerabilities.

VAPT (Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Test)

  • This is one of the comprehensive services for various aspects of security. Below are some of the security aspects which include this test.
  • security audit.
  • security amendment.
  • recommendation.
  • security monitoring.
  • risk analysis.
  • forensic analysis.
  • penetration testing.

Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing Work Flow

What RYNA provides to its customers

  • Ryna offers effectual Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services. Various services executed by the professionals are such as mobile application & penetration testing, application penetration testing services, client side software penetration testing, network penetration testing services, internal infrastructure appliance penetration testing, external infrastructure penetration testing.
Penetration Testing Overview

  • Review of application source code.
  • Testing the Functional Parameters.
  • Fine tuning of Performance Parameters.
  • Identification of Memory Leakages.
  • Imporve the Usability with possible tests.
  • Test & Review the Authentication Parameters.
  • Testing of Session Management.
  • Test & Review Authorization.
  • Tesing the Data Validation.
    Advantages of VAPT

  • VAPT services at RYNA is based on application evaluation. It is not a single test. It is a mixture of application testing process where two testing procedures are used.
  • Testing of the IT systems allows extenuating risks in application development process; this reduces the cost involved in re-evaluation.
  • Using the Penetration Testing process an enterprise can encounter the threats by using various applications, systems, and networks.
  • Our VAPT services help several businesses to protect its data and the systems on the whole from malevolent attacks.
  • You can attain greater security measures for various applications and IT resources.
  • Customized reports as per the client requirement that provide comprehensive data so that you can take strategic and tactical decisions accordingly in network,systems and application administration and management.
  • Offers Long Term Support (LTS) to the clients with real time support to their SOC integrated with Crowdsourced Threat Intelligence (CTI) and Crowdsourced Threat Protection Platform(CTP).