In 2012, among major IT Company’s security violation was noticed. It became essential to take effective measures to safeguard the data. Penetration testing is such a method which helps to conjure a real-world attack from malicious users. The aim of the test is to find out the vulnerabilities through which a hacker can get unauthorized access to the security mechanisms.

Why To Go For Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is a method to proactively check out the vulnerabilities, authenticate the persisting controls and to build up strategies for remediation. Managing these information and security aspects and initiating preventive measures can eventually save thousands of dollars which a person might otherwise incur as losses; it also helps to safeguard the reputation and helps to gain customer confidence, helps to circumvent business interruptions, and so on.

How RYNA Helps

RYNA performs penetration testing on monthly, quarterly and annually basis, whichever is chosen by the client. Our security engineers use tools and techniques which include both automatic and manual, to spot and authenticate the vulnerabilities that occur due to poor or improper configuration of the system, common software defects, faulty operational process, and includes other causes also. As a part of the penetration testing process, we also provide guiding principles for the measures to be taken technically.

  • Web applications penetration testing
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Mobile applications penetration testing

Typical Workflow

The penetration testing method includes the following fundamental stages:


At Ryna our experts provide the customer well defined and documented test objectives, further scope and other rules of penetration testing. We have one or more interviews with the customers to accomplish complete understanding of the customer’s testing goals and requisites, safety and compliance needs, potential business risks and other related features.

Gathering Information

The RYNA Experts gather all the key information and scrutinize them to locate the specified target and its infrastructure. Depending on the range of testing, information that are included are functionality, user responsibilities, structural design, safety measures, use cases, security-crucial areas, hosting location, and so on. This information helps in drafting a testing plan, and identifies all possible ways to attack on the particular application or network so that the automated scanning software can be fitted and the manual testing process can be set up accordingly.

Discovering Vulnerabilities

The experts at RYNA use automated tools and manual techniques to conjure up an attack and find persisting vulnerabilities.
In the automated testing process, our team of experts employ industry leading vulnerability scanning tools through which they can check the targeted web or mobile application, or beleaguered network, list the resources and choose the most common issues. All vulnerabilities recognized by the automated testing process are checked again manually to ensure that they subsist and are exploitable.

In the manual testing process, our experts leverage the gathered information that is available to instigate their own manual attacks against the application or the network. The team at RYNA gets admission to original data and functionality so that they can invariably display the significance of any identified weaknesses


In the completion process of a penetration test, RYNA provides a detailed report of the findings of the test. There is an Executive Summary section for the management. The lists of issues are prioritized for development, and the recommendations are provided for the remediation. We also meet the customer’s technical team so that the testing results can be discussed with them and henceforth ongoing support can be provided to them throughout the process.