Embedded Cyber security-IOT Cyber security

Embedded Cyber Security Topics

Embedded system security is the reduction of vulnerabilities an protection against threats in software running on embedded devices. Like security in most IT fields,embedded system security involves a conscientious approach to hardware design and coding as well as added security software,an adherence to best practices and consultation with experts.The large number of embedded operating systems and the fact that these systems did not typically have direct Internet communication provided some degree of security,both through obscurity and the fact that they were not convenient targets.
The similarities between embedded OSes and live firmware updating in conjunction with the increased number of communication points create a large increase in the attack surface:Each communication point is a potential point of entry for hackers. A device’s firmware may be hacked to spy on and take control of everything from Internet and wireless access points,USB accessories,IP cameras and security systems to pace makers, drones and industrial control systems.

Embedded Security Course Content – Overview

  • Foundations of cyber Security and emerging threats.
  • Hacking/exploitation techniques, tools and entry points.
  • Defensive technologies:Encryption and authentication.
  • Vulnerability analysis methodology.
  • Networking and network attacks.
  • Wireless networks and embedded systems .
  • Embedded hardware and analysis .
  • Secure software practices .
  • Integrating security into the design proces.
  • Case studies and hands-on labs.
  • Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Embedded Cyber Security.
  • Characteristics and vulnerabilities of embedded systems.
  • Embedded Systems Security Requirements.
  • Vulnerabilities in embedded systems .
  • Principles and practices designed to safeguard your embedded system.
  • Embedded hardware and firmware analysis to detect vulnerabilities.
  • Cyber Security threats, risks, mitigation strategies applied to embedded systems .
  • Risk assessment techniques and methodologies and using defensive tools for mitigating risk and vulnerabilities.
  • Hacking/exploitation techniques, tools and entry points.
  • Automated Source CodeAnalysi.
  • ThreatModelling – Code Reviews, Code Defensively and Perform Effective Code Reviews.
  • Attacks and countermeasures.
  • Introduction to Internet Of Things(IOT).
  • IOT Security Threats.