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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

There are several personal data of the customers and the enterprise such as the credit card numbers, private social data.


Dynamic Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Dynamic penetration testing is one of the most powerful techniques that can test enterprise mobile application.


Network Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Test is one such penetration test to assess the vulnerabilities and risks at network level, These impact the Confidentiality.


Embedded Cyber security-IOT Cyber security

Embedded system security is the reduction of vulnerabilities an protection against threats in software running on embedded devices.


Mobile Application Penetration Testing

The Smartphones and tablets are largely used by the consumers and the enterprises at every level.


Information And Data Security

RYNA Technologies Pvt Ltd executes comprehensive data security checks and enables the assessment of information flow.



Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is a course that trains you on offensive techniques to handle various vulnerabilities at system and network security levels.


Cyber Security Analytics

Cyber Security Analytics training is for the teams that are involved in the day to day security management of the organizations.


Cyber Security Fundamentals & Objectives

Cyber security fundamentals is a basic course that introduces you to the field of computing security.


Web Application Vulnerability Testing

The Web Application Vulnerability Testing Course will provide learners with principles of data and technology that frame .


Advance Cyber Security

The Advance CyberSecurity Training Course will provide learners with advanced knowledge on IT infrastructure and technology.


Remote Proactive Threat Monitoring

RYNA provides you a comfortable platform for your business operations by providing equipped systems increase your productivity.

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